Captain's Log

Will Behrman and Frank tackle Wrightsville Redfish


I had a great start to the month of June with Will Behrman and his father in law Frank. I picked the fellas up on Topsail Island for a nice rising tide afternoon fishing trip. Will and I had fished together before both fly and spin and this year we were going to show his Father in Law Frank a good time. Now like me both of these guys have Texas roots so this felt  a bit like homecoming!

We blasted off in search of some schooling reds and fun light tackle action on fly and spin. Using Borksi's bonefish slider on the reds and a New Penny Doa Cal Jerk bait rigged weedless on spin we were armed to the teeth.

I had some fish tucked away in a shallow pond back behind the island and new we would have the perfect amount of rising tide to work our way to the fish. The weather and wind worked in our favor and everything on our trip felt welcomingly orchestrated, I love it when a plan comes together. The guys threw the jerk baits on the rising tide as we poled our way deep into the marsh through some narrow creeks. Casting to the points, pockets and sand flats for nice flounder and catching several nice ones on our way to redfish nirvana.

Arriving in the pond/flat I was happy to see the school calmly winking and feeding on small baitfish. We set up our casting to have the wind and sun at our backs and let the fish have a lot of workable room, only casting when they were within sightable range. I lost count of the number of fish caught and lost or "california released" aka long-distance, due to all the nervous laughter, high fives and one healthy tagged nine pound redfish we landed and carefully released.

Frank had a blast, I had a blast and Will is more determined than ever to get back on the bow with his fly rod and stretch some line on a beautiful Wrightsville Redfish.

The fishing is as hot as the summer's weather is proving to be and the calm breeze and cool air on the water is all you need to refresh your soul. Don't hesitate to call or email me to book your adventure today!

Until Next Tide,
Captain Seth Vernon