Captain's Log

Double Haul Guide Service Website gets a Facelift


First of all let me thank you for visiting my site and reading the blog. I wanted to give you all a sneak peek at some of the ideas for the new site and to share my excitement about this project and my partnership with Jon Manzo of Teneo Media to overhaul the website .

The new site has a much cleaner navigation across the top with drop down lists as subheadings. This will allow visitors to find exactly the content they are seeking when cruising the site. Another feature of the site is an updated photo gallery which will house new photos and display them in a more visually rewarding experience than the old tile imagery of my former site. You will also be able to susbcribe to the blog RSS feed as well as connect with me on Facebook &Twitter. Don't forget to go to the Double Haul Guide Service Facebook Page and "like" it for all the latest news and live updates from the water.

The biggest accomplishment and the feature I'm most excited about is we've teamed up with Andy Parker of Spotted Tail Outdoors to highlight my Reservation Management System. This is a booking system allowing my anglers to go straight to the site and generate a booking request for any of the trips/services I offer. Want to book a casting lesson or a full day fishing trip, send me a request and get confirmation faster and easier than ever before. I have been using the Spotted Tail RMS booking system for months now and can't describe how helpful it is in keeping me up to date on all of my bookings while allowing me to spend more time on the water finding fish for you!

Please drop in, send me your feedback on the new site and try out our new booking service by Spotted Tail RMS!

Until Next Tide,
Capt. Seth Vernon